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Artist: Mu, Jianshan

YearYEAR PAINTED:    2006 

DIMENSIONS: 134x33cm

Media: and Chinese Watercolors on Gold Speckled Rice Paper


The Song of the Grand Canyon (Winter)

《大峡谷之歌》 (冬)



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In 2006 the artist traveled to the Grand Canyon with several of his students to study and sketch.  The trip covered the National parks including yellow stone, Grand Canyon, grand Teton Mountains and Yosemite across seven States. Cities included San Francisco, Los Angelis, and Las Vegas. The set of paintings represent the artist impressions of the Grand Canyon as he imagines them during the changing seasons. The artist used Eastern philosopher eyes to paint his biography of this western wonder.   The artist used the pour technique to mix the Chinese color, French Golden Acrylic with Chinese ink and water the capture the unique expression of the canyon on Gold Speckled Rice Paper. Evoking a feeling of mystery, coldness and isolation as one looks at the immense but muted splendor of the canyon. Winter.


2006 年画家带领他的学生《美国亚太艺术研究院赴西部写生团》旅行写生了美 国西部七个州的国家公园和名胜古迹 ( 包括黄石公园、大峡谷、优胜美地公园、旧金山、好莱坞、洛杉矶、赫兹古城堡、拉斯维加斯等) 。画家根据对西部峡谷的印象,描绘了大峡谷四季的变化,以东方哲学家的眼光来诠释这一西方奇景,用大写意泼彩法,以中国画颜料的矿物质重彩和法国金粉压克力颜料柔和在一起,泼洒在洒金纸上,创造性地表现出大峡谷的瑰丽与孤绝。

        2007年创作于应南大美术研究院、厦大艺术学院、 清华美术学院邀请巡回讲学回来之后,创作