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Text Box: Art Work Detail

Artist: Mu, Jianshan

YearYEAR PAINTED:    2007 

DIMENSIONS: 134x33cm

Media: and Chinese Watercolors on Gold Speckled Rice Paper


Autumn in The Grand Canyon(Summer)

峡谷放秋》 (秋)


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In this painting the Artist dipicts the canyon as it realases Autum. The birds, the use of color and the coluds follows his feelings of an Indian summer that fall on the painting. In preparing for this exhibit the artist had a big change in style in creating these four pieces. They are the result many years of research and exploration. Mr. Mu contributes to the art world   an innovative language to represet nature combining eastern and western approaches.


        峡谷秋天的乌云表现手法是画家的一个特别经典的流露。为了此次画展,画家在创作上作了很大的改变与尝试,这一组四幅作品正是他多年研究探索的厚积勃发。 穆先生融汇了东西两种文化对自然界的观念,以革新的语言在他的艺术世界里随心所欲,这不仅是他对学术高峰的不断攀登,也是他与观众的独特交流。

       2007年创作于应南大美术研究院、厦大艺术学院、 清华美术学院邀请巡回讲学回来之后,创作